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Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd

Think of your website as your shop window – you want it to look fantastic so you give the right impression.

First impressions online are formed in the first 0.7 seconds a user lands on your site. Most users will leave if they are not presented with the information they want straight away – there is always another result on Google.

We help you understand the reasons users visit your website so we can give them what they want, when they want it and get them to convert on your site and not your competitors.

The Internet Has Changed

Google has confirmed that it is now receiving more mobile searches, than desktop ones – this means it has had to change.

It now runs a mobile-first (and only) index meaning that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it isn’t Google-friendly. Although Google is pushing through this change, you shouldn’t change your website because of this – you should change it to benefit your users!

What To Expect — Design & Build


The first stage in any website design & build is meeting with you to finalise the brief. Now it’s likely that we already have a good idea of what you want from the quotation process – but this brief meeting allows to solidify our collective thoughts and ensure we’re all on the same page.


If we need to do some initial concept work to ensure a seamless build, this is when it happens – before a single line of code has been written! The designs are then presented to you, for your sign off ahead of the build. We aim to please, so we hope there won’t be too many amends, but we also welcome unapologetic honesty – we can tweak, change, or throw it in the bin and start again!

Alongside the design work, we set up the hosting and technical instances. If you have a website already, this will be done on a subdomain – you’ll be able to see our work as we progress, but the public will not. If you don’t have a website already we’ll set up a holding page on the main domain to let your customers know a new website is coming!


This is where we go about actually building your website. This will include creating all the collateral, taking on-site photography and ensuring that your site speaks to your audience, represents your business accurately and is an engaging place to be online. 

This phase can take anywhere from a couple of days for a small site, to a couple of months for a huge site!


Once the site is 90% of the way there, we’ll ask you to jump on it and start testing. We’ll make you aware of anything which doesn’t work yet, but by this point you’ll be able to review the bulk of our work and advise of any snags you’d like addressing.


Now that the site is completed we’ll go through an ensure that all due-diligence is completed from a search engine optimisation standpoint. This will cover everything from page titles and meta descriptions to ensuring that Google Analytics is set up properly and all filters are put in place.


With your new website now live, we’ll run you through exactly how to use it and explain the updating process to you. Don’t worry though, we’re only a phone call or email away if you forget anything!

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