Lead Generation

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Marketing Made Simple

So you know you need “marketing”, but you’re not sure where to start. Should I focus on Facebook or should I go to Google?

Lead generation is the simplest form of marketing that we offer. If you care more about the number of results we can generate vs the how we do it, our lead generation service may be the one for you!

You simply agree a price per lead or price per customer with us, and then we go about getting you the high quality leads your business needs to thrive & grow!

Cost Per Lead vs Cost Per Acquisition

It’s up to you how you want to work with us. We’re happy to work in whichever way suits you and your business!

Cost Per Lead (CPL) covers the number of enquiries we send to you. For every data record (name, email and/or phone number) you pay us a set fee. We go about the hard work and spend our own money generating the interest. You then get the information in a simple to understand spreadsheet.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) covers the number of sales our leads get you. For every completed sale where our marketing played a direct role, you pay us a set fee. Again, we go about the hard work, spending our own money and generating high quality decision making leads.

Benefits Of CPL

  • Great for companies selling services
  • Enables you to start a conversation with the qualified prospect
  • Designed to get your name out there and people engaging with your brand
  • Generates great life time value and brand loyalty
  • Great for digital follow ups such as email marketing and remarketing

Benefits Of CPA

  • Great for companies selling products & high ticket items
  • Enables you to automate much of the sales process
  • Designed to get your product in front of purchase-ready customers
  • Minimises up-front risk to your business
  • Works best with fantastic after sales and customer retention work

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