You Know The Answer Is Yes… But Here We’ll Tell You Why

With social media constantly on the rise, people are questioning how relevant a website is for their business. Is it really necessary when it’s so easy to create profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or any other popular site?

It’s estimated that on average, a company will spend £12,000 on marketing activities each year. But with nowhere to funnel these generated leads, campaigns soon become obsolete and potential clients lost. This is why having a base is a vital tool for your company.

Still not convinced…Here are seven ways having a great website can help your business thrive!  

Building Trust in Your Brand

Having a website is a simple way to legitimise your business because it makes you real to the consumer. They will be more willing to invest their interest because they can explore your product and services. You can display photos, showcase reviews and add written content to show them exactly why they should choose you.

Show Off Your Product

A website creates your own personal platform to show the world what you do. By using photo and video content, you demonstrate this to the consumer in seconds. This creates an enjoyable customer experience, so they are far more likely to invest in your product.

Clear Call to Action

Call to actions are a proven way to boost your conversion rates. It is essential that your potential clients can contact you quickly when they are ready to take the next step. CTA’s can be added to every page of your website to optimise your click through percentage and build your client base.

The Influence of Social Media

Social media is a great way to engage with your customers and create leads, but it’s not always the best way to sell your product. A website enables you to nurture your potential clients and allow them to explore your product in more depth at their own pace. Over time this will generate a more reliable and loyal client base that will continue to use your services.

Ranking High in the Google Search Engine

Where you are place in Google Search Index is essential to the success of your business. A website gives you the ability to monitor which words people are searching to find your product. You can use this information to optimise your keywords, so you rank higher is the search results.

Increasing Footfall

A website will increase the footfall at your bricks-and-mortar location. By having your opening hours, store address and phone numbers embedded, it will boost you in the search results. This will allow clients to find you quickly when they in the nearby area, especially when searching on their smartphones.

Tell Your Story

At the end of the day, people buy into people. A website gives you the platform to let them know who you are, where you have come from and how your business began. By inviting people in, customers are far more likely to become invested in you and the services you have to offer.

These are just a few of the many benefits a website can offer. It is an essential tool that will enable your business to continue growing. Contact TRUSTED MARKETING now to find out how we can create your bespoke website today.

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