Get To The Heart Of Your Marketing Needs

So, what does Cut Through The Noise mean?

TV ads, YouTube ads, Google ads, content marketing, social media, pay per click, email marketing, sponsored posts, lead generation, conversion optimisation, websites — IT’S ALL NOISE.

Our mantra — CUT THROUGH THE NOISE — gets to the heart of the marketing actions which will make a real difference to your business.

Scenario 1

After an initial ‘good period’, leads into your business have started to slow. The leaflet drops and work for friends of friends have dried up and you turn to Google (other search engines are available… but they’re not Google) and type the following:

After reading the first 5 or 6 articles you’re ready to go; you have a list as long as your arm of things to do and you get to it! You start strong, but by the 3rd cold (but lovingly personalised) LinkedIn message, you start to wonder “why am I doing this?”.

You switch to Twitter, #hashtagging away, tweeting @c-listCeleb… you wait… you wait… nothing.

No worries — Option 3 — Facebook — You browse the camera roll on your phone for the perfect photo of your product/service, upload it, caption it: “We’re the best [service] in town, come to us for all your [product] needs!”… 1 like… 2 likes. An hour passes and you’re still on 2 and then you spot it, the “Boost Post” button… you click it… HOLY SHIT! 4,000 – 21,000 people for just £10?

You do it. The likes come rolling in; 20, 30, 40, 50 likes on the post, those same people start liking your page too! Wow, this is boosting thing is great, but as you sit there watching the numbers go up you notice the phone isn’t ringing and you’re not getting any emails.

Scenario 2

You’re established, work is coming in — happy days. Weeks go by, leads come in, you sell, you make profit.

But you want to make more; more sales, and more importantly, more profit. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Hard work, should be rewarded with good returns and developing your business to a point where it can bring more in should be applauded.

So you head over to Google and type the only thing you can:

At this point you’re presented with 100 ideas:

  • 20 of the 100 are good ideas
  • 10 of the 20 can be applied to your business
  • 5 of the 10 cost too much
  • 3 of the 10 require a huge amount of time
  • 1 or 2 are just right

But which ones? You still have to sift through the 80 bad ideas, 10 that don’t apply to your business, 5 that cost too much and 3 which require too much time — THAT’S A LOT OF NOISE.

You start reading, but by idea 23 you’re attention is starting to stray and after 2 hours of solid research and 3 cups of strong coffee you’re nowhere closer to having a plan on how to grow your business.

Cut Through The Noise!

Now you’re starting to get an idea of exactly, how much noise there is and how difficult it can be for SMEs to focus on the actions which will transform their business from ticking over and doing OK, to smashing targets, growing leads and getting more profit.

Research + Experience

We’ve done the leg work, we’ve put in the hours and we’ve gained the experience necessary to choose the activities which will benefit your business most. We get to know you and your business, and then we apply our years of knowledge to your benefit.

If you’re thinking “yeah yeah, whatever, you sound like everyone else trying to get my money!” Why don’t you challenge us to add value? It costs nothing to chat, so reach out and see how we cut through the noise!

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